Hi I'm Christain


1. Hi I'm Christain

Hi I'm Christain. I'm 17. I'm homeless. I live in a alley outside of the Maddison Square Garden with my parents and my little sister Sarah. I have sneaked into the Maddison many times to see different celebrates like Pink, Taylor Swift, etc. I graded my moms "fancy clothes" because to night I'm going to see One Direction.

------------------In the Concert ---------------

There are way to many screaming girls here. The most I've seen in along time. I followed this one group that had a ton of girls in the group , so I would blend into everyone else. The seats happen to be in the front row!

The whole concert one boy out of all of them came out to me. He went by the name Harry Styles.

I'm not sure is that was his real name but he had a great style.

------------------------After the concert----------

It was late and almost everyone was gone. That was one of the best concerts I had ever been too. Nevermind that was the best concert I had ever been too.

It was late and I wanted to go for a walk around the Maddison. I was in the back behind a big metal door that all of a sudden swung open!!!!! Before I could do anything the door hit me straight in the face the everything went BLACK!

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