Who will help me?

This book is a diary about a girl named Rosanna and she is a geek, she is clever and mature but all of the girls in her class are gorgeous!! they have Pauls Boutique school bags and diamond encrusted handwriting pens, will Rosanna figure out that she is the best that she can be now than change her appearence and personality and become immature and pretend to be clever to fit in with the popular crowd?


7. .................


After possibly the longest rant of the century, I really didn't give a damn. I loved Jonah, he was the hottest boy in school and my boy. I love the sound of that, my boy. I text him immediately HI BOO, HOPE UR OKAYY XXXXX. He replies almost instantly. I LOVE YOU ROSE, IM SO SORRY I GOT YOU INTO THIS, I WANT YOU BY MY SIDE NOW, KISS ME, I HATE IT WITHOUT YOU YOUR MY ROCK, MY GIRL, MY SHINING STAR, IM HUNGRY FOR YOUR PRESENCE XXXX. This was the most beautiful text anybody had ever sent me. My mom was still shouting at me saying HOW HAVE YOU  NOT TOLD ME ABOUT HIM, IS HE GOOD? YESSS MOM I NEED TO SEE HIM, HE WANTS TO SEE ME. OKAY THEN GET IN THE CAR. So I went to his house, mom dropped me off, she said text me when you want to come back. I ran up to his room where he was gently strumming his guitar solemnly. when I ran in he stood up as quick as lightening. he ran and wrapped his muscular arms around me and hugged me tight. He kissed my neck and cheek like he had never seen me before we fell on his bed and he we kissed until he whispered in my ear. I want to tell you something. I said 'anything', he said the most heart breaking and heart wrenching thing he could say to a girl that he 'loved'.He said 'this whole you and me is a joke, Rowena told me to don't be angry with me, be angry with her, i do now want to get to know you more now we've hung out' I looking at him sideways because we were kissing and his arm were wrapped around me. I broke free from him automatically and tried to fight back the gallons of tears that were forming. I grabbed my phone and texted mom this message GET ME NOW PICK ME UP FROM THE BUS STOP, JONAH IS A LIAR AND A JOKE, IM A JOKE, HE MADE ME INTO A JOKE AND THE WHOLE TIME HE WAS TRYING TO MAKE ME LOOK BAD UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ROWENA, JUST DONT TALK TO ME WHEN YOU GET ME I JUST WANT TO COLLAPSE AND NEVER SEE ANYONE EVER AGAIN. As i was doing this Jonah was pestering me wanting to comfort me but I stormed out of his house and cried until I couldn't breathe. Mom picked me up and did as she was told. I ran to my room and buried my head in my pillow. And then i don't remember the rest.

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