Who will help me?

This book is a diary about a girl named Rosanna and she is a geek, she is clever and mature but all of the girls in her class are gorgeous!! they have Pauls Boutique school bags and diamond encrusted handwriting pens, will Rosanna figure out that she is the best that she can be now than change her appearence and personality and become immature and pretend to be clever to fit in with the popular crowd?


3. The next day...

Chapter 3- The next day...


So it is a single solitary Tuesday and another rubbish day at school #AGAIN so I, Rosanna Chapeldale have decided to completely blank everyone and everything which stands in my path. Done, sorted, end of story no-one can tell me I can't.

SPLASHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I just jumped in the biggest puddle after getting off the bus, I just embarrassed myself number 1, I am sure that will not be the last. Curling my hair like a really immature girl, I wondered into school almost banging into the transparent automatic doors because I ditched my glasses, maybe they're the problem, this is only a bit of trial-an-error. As I walked down the crowded corridor squinted eyes and raised eyebrows glared at me, I could hear whispers, I wasn't sure whether it was whispers of intrigue or laughing whispers. I'll have to find out, it will be soon enough.



Right, lets put this straight. As I entered the room it felt like a million eyes were staring at me, even though it was only 29 pairs of eyes I was the attention, not the prissy girls applying lip gloss whilst chewing smint. I settled down next to Samea Towerly, the only girl in the class who appreciates me. Mr Bryers asked me whether X=Y-3 and I said.

"Ummmmmmmmmm, I don't know sir"

He replied "Come on Rosanna, you know this X=Y-3!"


"There you go! Just a little bit of concentration needed"

I died of embarrassment, everyone was staring at me with burning eyes I sunk into my seat because I knew that Rowena would (if) she got asked that question, if she didn't know, Mr Bryers would have said 'not to worry, just a bit more practise!' and then he would ask someone else. How unfair.

Another hour of my life I will NEVER get back. The work was easy and when I went up to Mr Bryers to give him my FIFTH piece of work and he didn't even take a glance just murmered something to quiet to hear, he didn't say 'well done' or 'read your book' I felt like I was doing this work for no praise of congratulations, just worthless work with no marking.

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