Who will help me?

This book is a diary about a girl named Rosanna and she is a geek, she is clever and mature but all of the girls in her class are gorgeous!! they have Pauls Boutique school bags and diamond encrusted handwriting pens, will Rosanna figure out that she is the best that she can be now than change her appearence and personality and become immature and pretend to be clever to fit in with the popular crowd?


4. Lesson 2


Ok, History isn't all that bad, I have Mrs Newman for this. Better than Mr Bryers, that's for sure.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 every time I count to nine even if it is for no reason I close my eyes and sit down into the nearest seat. Jonah Alna. The hottest kid in school! #swag myself looking remotely fashionable will never get someone like that, he's more Rowena's type but this is my chance.

"Hey Jonah"

"Um smokin'" He replied. My heart fell to my feet. My mouth gaped open. Jonah Alna ssaaiidd I was smoking!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



Trying to keep my cool I said "Aww thank you baby."

Wait did I just say that?

"I've never seen you around babe"

"Yeah" I replied," I've ditched and stuff"

"Awesome, so what year are you in sweet?"

"Nine, what about you baby?"

I already knew but I wanted to hear it from him.

"Nine babe."

"You wanna go to Greenwood?" I said half hoping he'd say no because I don't have any glasses.

"Yeah sure, 6:00?"

"See you there babe"


Whooooopppps I just realised I talked all the way through History BUT I have a date with Jonah!!!!!!!!

6:00 tonight.

Gee I am scared! I told my mum that I was going to the park with Samea so she agreed to let me go.

I was walking hugging myself because it was frosty and it was September 6, I sat on the swing waiting.

I heard footsteps, I stood up. It was Jonah.

"Hey." I said hugging him.

"Hey gorgeous."

"So what do u want to do?" I said slightly killing the mood.

He stared at me and took my hand, he took me behind a big, hollow oak tree. He grabbed my other hand and kissed me, I kissed him back, I touched the back of his brown hair he grabbed my waist and hugged my tight, I kissed Jonah he kissed me first, we touched lips. He kissed me. I kissed him back. He grabbed me even tighter and let go of my lips he danced with me, slow danced, my head rested on his shoulder I could feel his breath him kissing me all over again. He kissed me.

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