Who will help me?

This book is a diary about a girl named Rosanna and she is a geek, she is clever and mature but all of the girls in her class are gorgeous!! they have Pauls Boutique school bags and diamond encrusted handwriting pens, will Rosanna figure out that she is the best that she can be now than change her appearence and personality and become immature and pretend to be clever to fit in with the popular crowd?


6. Ditching?

Still confused in Jonah's spine-chilling hazel, brown eyes I completely forgot that he was taking me out, like ditching school, AHHH. What if we get caught? Maybe he does it all the time? I would know if he gets caught because we have gatherings about behaviour and boring stuff like that, you know if something bad has happened if you ever get an assembly about that. Anyway, I trust him. Do I? I'm not like this, no, I'm doubting myself. Its too late anyway, Jonah has already snuck me through the secret slot in the wall and was heading towards the town.

"Hey." Jonah said casually.

"Whatttt." I said stupidly.

"Where d'ya wanna hang?"

"What about the shopping center?" I said just giving random suggestions.

He winked at me and took my hand, I felt his hand slide around my waist, I did the same making myself look 'hard' as they say nowadays. We sauntered through the doors of the towns shopping center, Jonah took me into the most expensive shop there. Michael Kors. My jaw dropped.

"Why have you brought me in here?" I said earnestly.

"I want to buy you something for our 1 day anniversary".

I was nearly sick. How stupid. Wait. That was my former self, I have a new image, I think differently, now.

"Wow, thank you! I love you so much!"

"No problem anything for my girl."

I chose a £82.75 handbag.

Jonah didn't care, we was obviously used to buying expensive gifts for his many, ungrateful girlfriends. I did feel guilty. I didn't care he was mine.

Regular me would have thought my behaviour was despicable, but I am not the regular me.

When we walked out of the shop I stopped dead in my track and squeezed Jonah's hand.

"Whats up b?"

"A policeman."

"Don't worry, it'll be fine."

I got so worried that I found that I was staring the policeman out are caused him to be suspicious. He started to walk nearer to us.

"Oh crap." Jonah whispered.

The next minute we were frantically sprinting out of the door and back down to school. The policeman found us scooting through the crack in the wall. He grabbed my Michael Kors bag. A part of me died inside then I realised my mum is gonna kill a lot more of me. Handcuffs wrapped tightly around my wrist. I stared at Jonah, I ran up to him and kissed him but it was a bit awkward as I couldn't move my hands. He mouthed 'don't worry, love you so' I mouthed back 'love you too'. The policeman had called a car and gave me a lecture and then Jonah the same, I was more worried about my mum. What is she going to do when she gets the call that her daughter is in the police station because she was ditching school with her boyfriend that she has no idea about. I just want the ground to swallow me up.


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