My life was fine until I met him.


5. 4

I have to admit the first day, wasn't so good. And that reason being I found out that according to all the popular people i am one of those helpless, newcomers that everyone gets to pick on. That wasn't a good thing for the first thing for the start of a new year. 

As i was walking down the corridor to leave, I noticed a boy running out of his classroom with a huge smile on his face. At first I thought he was one of the people who had immediately hated me, but i hadn't seen this boy before. He had a dark brown shade of hair that fitted his face shape perfectly as he flipped it. He looked at me, so I started to back up. To my surprise when i turned round he was literally right behind me like some secret ninja person.

"Hey, you could have given me a heart attack doing that." But as I said this it looked to me like he had an even bigger grin on his face, if that was even possible.

"Sorry bout that. I just haven't seen you that much that's all, I was interested. So, you new here then?" His smile had dropped a little when he saw my scar. I realised I hadn't covered it up after I had been scared. But he didn't ask about it. He just looked at it then back to me, The smile was back.

"Y-yeah I am I just joined today. And what do you keep smiling at?"

"Follow me, and you will find out." He now had a huge grin on his face, I could see the dimples. I immediately blushed. I have a thing for boys with dimples. 'He' had dimples. As he pulled me towards the classroom he had come from I realised that this was my English room. Did he have English here as well ? As we got into the classroom I saw the teacher. Mr. Stevens, he looked as grumpy as usual.

"Why are we here?" I said in a slight whisper.

"Look." As I looked I saw That Mr. Stevens had jelly all over his head.

"Did you do that?" But as I had looked at him he was already in fits of laughter. Very soon we had to run and Mr. Stevens had come out of the classroom looking for the culprit. As we were running I tripped, being clumsy me that brought him down as well. What is it with me and falling over. Probably my big feet.

"Do you mind not falling over when we are running away." He said while lifting me up. "I'm Sam by the way, Sam Jones." That's where I know him from, he's in my R.E. and science. 

"I'm Amelia, but everyone calls me Amy. Nice to meet you." I said as sweetly as possible but as I heard footsteps coming down the hall, I was already being pulled into and empty classroom. When the footsteps had gone we ran out and we both ran home. He only lives a few roads away from mine so we ran together. As we parted he pulled me in for a hug. Another friend I had found. It didn't seem like it was going to be a bad year after all.  

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