My life was fine until I met him.


2. 2


As I woke up I heard footsteps running up the stairs and I immediately knew who it was. Jack came bounding in, with a look of worry on his face. Jack is my best friend, and he knew everything about me he knew about Joe and what he did. Well at least he thinks he knows everything.

"What? What happened? Amy are you okay? Why did you scream?" He kept just throwing questions at me. I giggled a little because he was so worried.

"It's okay, Jake calm down, it was just another nightmare. Nothing to worry about." I said facing him now a lot more calm than I was a few minutes ago.

"Phew, Amy you had me scared just then." He said softly with a smile of his face. I was turned around about to try and get some more sleep, I felt the bed go down. I looked over my shoulder and saw Jake on the verge of tears.



When I heard her scream it didn't take me long to get up the stairs. I had a feeling it was about the past and everything. When I went in she had a slight smile on her face. It always cheered me up, seeing her smile it always made me want to just hug her and keep her close forever. Wait, does that mean I like Amy, no no we're just friends right? 

When I looked over to her just about to sleep, I felt tears coming so I sat the edge of her bed. She turned and I knew she saw me about to cry. 

"Whats wrong?" She asked softly. 

"N-nothing, absolutely nothing." I had replied, with a grin on my face. I couldn't tell her what i was thinking, I couldn't tell her that i was thinking about that horrid boy Joe. He was terrible to her, the reason for her scar. Every time i saw it it just got me so angry. How could someone do something so horrible to someone they loved. It just brought me to tears every time.



I knew something was up with Jake he was always so happy and cheerful. But whenever he runs in in the morning after my panic attacks he always gets like this. It's probably because he blames himself for what happened with Joe. 

"It's not your fault you know. I disobeyed him and so I'm in the wrong, please don't think Joe was any of your fault." I said trying to calm him down, only bringing myself to tears as well.

"I'm sorry Amy it's just you're my best friend and I just don't see how someone so innocent as you could get hurt like that, you did nothing wrong."

I started crying. As my tears were making my bed a little wet, I felt Jake put his arm around me, i snuggled into him and cried into his shirt, making it all wet as well.

"Sorry Jake I've made your shirt all wet, I didn't mean to, I'm sorry." I sniffled quietly.



"It's fine." I told her. "It's just a shirt." She giggled a little. I loved it when she does that. I blushed a little. 

"Awww is jakey blushing? Why is that." She said with a massive smile on her face.

"No reason ok just go and get dressed breakfast is downstairs waiting I made your favorite aswell."

She squealed a little at the thought of breakfast. She loved food.

As she got out of her bed she quickly ran to her wardrobe, trying to hide something from me on her arm at the time I thought it was a tattoo or something. But as she grabbed her clothes I noticed a big long scar along her arm. I had never noticed before, around the large scar were small scars only light but I could see them because of the lighting. Was she self harming or was it something Joe did. 


Sorry the chapter was so long I was just on a roll hehehe :) hopefully the other chapters will be slightly longer but if you want shorter ones you'll have to comment and tell me. Okey heheehehehe night night my babys :)


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