My life was fine until I met him.


1. 1


It was cold, ever so cold and I'm still running I couldn't afford to stop. He was behind me i could hear his steps, loud and deadly. I came to a dead end. I stopped and looked behind me to see how far away he was. But he was right there, his cold breath on my face. He was smiling with his chapped and dark lips.

"You shouldn't have run Amy, if you just did as I said this would have never had to happen."

"What are you talking about? Joe what never would have had to happen?"

I knew I was in a bad situation. It'd been like this for a while now. Joe would keep me from seeing anyone else he would lock me in my room. I couldn't see what was left of my family. He would hit me if I ever did anything wrong or disobeyed him. I got more scared than ever. So I ran away.

"Because you ran I will have to punish you."

"What could you possibly do that's worse than you've done before?" I said with the most scared voice I have.

The next thing I knew he slid the top of my shirt over my shoulder. He pulled something out of his back pocket. It was a knife. I stood there staring at him with fear in my eyes, what would he do with the knife? why was he chasing me? whats going to happen? These thoughts running through my mind.

"What are you doing with a knife, Joe tell me!"

Quickly after he jammed the knife into the gap between my jaw and my shoulder. The pain soon caught up with me and i screamed. I was crying obviously the pain was terrible. He just kept pushing the knife into my skin ripping it apart like it was paper. He pushed me against the wall, I was loosing blood fast. My eyesight was going i was fainting from the loss of blood the last thing I saw was his creepy smile, and just as I blacked out I heard him run. Some one else was running towards me. I didn't see who tho.


I woke up with sweat all over. My hair was stuck to my face and I was shaking. Thank God it was just another nightmare. 





Hey guys I'll be updating everyday if I can. Hope you guys liked my first chapter :) oh and if you want to be a part of this story please tell me your name in the comments and I'll work you into it :P  

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