William is an 18 year old country boy who finds himself in the city under his mother, a very wealthy business women, request. After taking a long buss trip to the big city what will he find? What will happen?


2. A man named William

"Come on, Milo!  We have a lot to do today!" William said running past the old barn to the the pig's pens.  He had been juggling taking care of the farm and taking care of his sick Aunt Mable.  He never had thought that he would ever have to take care of her.


Aunt Mable was the type of person that was so stubborn when it came to people taking care of her.  She only wanted to take care of herself.  When some tried to take her to the doctor or take care of her themselves she would turn from a sweet middle-aged women to a fierce dragon in a matter of seconds.  Knowing this William checked on her the start of every hour.  Of course the work was taxing jogging from one part of the barn to another but he did it so that he knew his Aunt was ok. 


His Aunt had took him in at a very young age.  His father didn't want anything to do with him and his mother barely had time for him.  Of course he saw her here and there but she was a business women who didn't want any part in country life.  No matter what.


Now, with living with Aunt Mable for so long he started to act like her.  He was stubborn and only wanted to care for himself and the people he loved.  Which was only Aunt Mable and Gram Gram McCartey who lived with him and Aunt Mable for over seven years.


Over the years he felt very close to Aunt Mable and Gram Gram McCartey.  Gram Gram McCartey would always give him chicken soup when he was sick and took care of him.  Never did she enter Aunt Mable's room when she was sick.


"Milo~!"  William said trying to get his pet's attenchain.


Milo was the family dog.  Milo was originally Gram Gram McCartey's dog.  When William came to live with Aunt Mable ten years ago, Milo took a liking to him.  He never parted from Williams side.  Aunt Mable would always say something like, "Why don't you keep him."  Where William would respond, "Maybe I will."   It always made Aunt Mable happy to see that William and Milo where happy.


"Bark!" Milo yelped gaining on William as fast as he could.

"You're gonna get lost if you don't keep up." William said smiling.


It was hard to get lost yet so easy.  After all the work was done and over he would always just stay outside.  Walk along the corn stocks and just think.  It was a peaceful once night fell.  No animals made noise, no cars came past, no one yelling for him.  All you could hear was the long grass near the woods and the corn stocks whistle.  On occasions a young couple would hide in the corn stocks.  William always loved it when they did.  Once the night was nice and quiet he would make noise.  And then disappear and make more noise scaring the young couple out.


By the time he got closer to the house Gram Gram McCartey and Aunt Mable had food done.  He would walk up to the porch take off his dirty boots in the grass and walk inside the house.  The house that he lived in was a very basic house.  It had two floors.  Once you walk into the house there was a staircase on the right side of the wall and a long hallway that where lined with pictures of the past and present.  Walking down the hall the first thing you would see was a living room made up with an antique couch, a rocking chair, and medium sized tv.  The next room was the kitchen and in the kitchen a door led to the dining room and the dining room led to the back door.  He had always thought that the house lay out was weird.


William walked into the kitchen and looked around.  Gram Gram McCartey was at the stove and Aunt Mable was at the kitchen table taking care of bills.


"Will!"  Aunt Mable said not looking up.  William walked over to where she was sitting, "There is a note for you."  She handed him a pale yellow envelope with a seal from his mother's company.


William read the note to himself.



I would like you to come home.  I have a great surprise for you!  I hope you will love it and stay here with me for a while.


Aria McCartey


William looked at the short letter.  Since when did she ever have a surprise for him?  Or have the time to get something for him?  She had so much work to do and never had time for him.  Why now?


"You should go." Aunt Mable said.  She had always somehow knew about everything going on inside her house.

"But-" William began.

"No.  You should go.  Besides, Ive already packed your bags."  Aunt Mable said.

"And you can always come back here if you want."  Gram Gram McCartey said.  Aunt mable nodded in agreence.


It was settled he would go to the city.







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