Remember My Name (ON HOLD :( )

I am a nerd and i have friends who are also nerdy but amazing.



Lily's Pov

I walk Into University for the first time and take a deep fucking breath. It tastes like shit so does life life is shit. OKAY I'm a lil negative but whatever I'm a YouTuber I DO WHAT I WANT! JUST KIDDING. A little bit of info before I get into my sentimental ass life story. Im Lily and I just got into a Collage for YouTubers. My YouTube name is Lilith Says Meow Im not that big as the others but as talented. I dont like a lot of people but im nice. Most of the time...

ANYWAYS I like to keep to myself and i'm cringing who i will have to live with for the next 4 years of my life concerting that boys will be living with girls.SO YAH ENOUGH ABOUT ME.

I walk over and get my crap so i can find my room.This is some snazzy place...Wow im a loser who even says that anymore.I slam The elevator key  for up and it dings I have to wait a few minutes for people to get out but then i get in. I loom on my paper and see I'm on floor 24. THE LAST FUCKING FLOOR UGH. So I slam the button and wait for about five minutes and then it dings Again.

anyways i Finally find my  room and use the key to open it ad man is this not a normal dorm room its just so modern and its more like a high class apartment than a dorm. I wonder around and find the door that says my name on it and when I open it its about perfect. It looks like this

Even though i change my sheets and get rid of those nasty curtans i still love it and i might change my wall to blue. I find a remote and click it the light changes colors so you don't have to paint it. NICE! I keep messing around with the colors and it entertains me for some reason. Just waiting for my roommates to come and get settled in. I move my luggage so i wont trip on it and change my sheets and Pillow cases. Then I plug in my doc and put my phone on it and start dancing to someone and not good dancing bad dancing.

"Nice Room looks like your one of my flatmates."He says chuckling as I stop dead in my tracks.


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