Never letting go. (Sequel to Dont Let Me Go*)

Sequel to Don't let me go!******
A month after Harry and Hannah found out that they lost their baby . They move out to a countryside mansion with Rachel and the boys. What kind of drama could happen now? Hannah , trying to start fresh without her depression , but yet she still has dangerous thoughts .Rachel , getting on with her life with Niall, witnesses something she shouldn't have seen. What happens when The boys have to save both of them? Read to find out.


5. shoutout !!!

Hey guys !! I'm sorry if you thought this was a chapter . I'll update as soon as I can . I'm really busy lately . I hope y'all like the story so far !! Before you read this one I really recommend reading Don't Let Me Go first if you haven't already . BUT ANYWAYYYY!!! Go follow and read Nialllover_03 's FanFiction !!! She's amazing ! So do it !! Love you guyss ! - Hannah 💕

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