Never letting go. (Sequel to Dont Let Me Go*)

Sequel to Don't let me go!******
A month after Harry and Hannah found out that they lost their baby . They move out to a countryside mansion with Rachel and the boys. What kind of drama could happen now? Hannah , trying to start fresh without her depression , but yet she still has dangerous thoughts .Rachel , getting on with her life with Niall, witnesses something she shouldn't have seen. What happens when The boys have to save both of them? Read to find out.


4. Chapter 3.)

Harry's POV .

As soon as we got to the new house , everyone one else pulled up behind us . Hannah look like she was really happy . She was smiling while looking through the window . "Harry! This place is beautiful!" She said looking over at me with a big grin on her face . "So are you" I said . "Harold , you're so cheesy " she said grabbing my hand . "You know you love it babe" I said smiling down At her. "C'mon let's gooo ! I wanna get in the house before the boys do! " she said letting go of my hand and running to the door as fast as she could . She was already on the porch by the time I got out of the car . I ran up onto the porch . I unlocked the door and Hannah and the boys piled in . "I call this room !" I heard Rachel say . "This ones mine ! " I heard Hannah say . "No I call that one !" I heard Louis say. I walked into the house and into the room to see Hannah and Louis having a pillow fight . "No I called it first Louis !" She squealed . "No I did!" Louis said laughing . "Alright Louis, Hannah gets the room because she called it first ." Liam said stepping in between them . "But .. LiLi ! " Louis said pouting . "No buts! Go find a room before the other boys do ." Liam said in between laughs . "Thanks Liam," Hannah whispered . "Anytime " he said and walked out leaving me and her alone . I walked over to the bed where Hannah was and layed down beside her . "I love this place " she said snuggling up closer to me . " me too. " I said pulling out a feather in her hair. " I love you " she said . " I love you !" I said . After that I slowly drifted to sleep .

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