Never letting go. (Sequel to Dont Let Me Go*)

Sequel to Don't let me go!******
A month after Harry and Hannah found out that they lost their baby . They move out to a countryside mansion with Rachel and the boys. What kind of drama could happen now? Hannah , trying to start fresh without her depression , but yet she still has dangerous thoughts .Rachel , getting on with her life with Niall, witnesses something she shouldn't have seen. What happens when The boys have to save both of them? Read to find out.


3. Chapter 2.)

( Listen to Philip Philips Gone Gone Gone while reading )

Hannah's POV . Well here I am. Somewhere with someone I never thought I'd be with. My life has changed for the better . I've been through a lot but that's the past now. Anyway, me and Harry are packing for the new house. Everyone is going . I'm really excited to go, but I'm really going to miss this house . There are so many memories I don't want to forget them. But we have to move on . I was sitting on the floor in my room just thinking. Putting my last belongings into my bag. "You ready?" Harry asked knocking on the door. "Yeah , can I just have one last look real quick?" I asked him. "Sure babe, I'll just take your bags and put them in the car." I nodded and walked down into the main room . All the movies and sleepovers we had in here. I laughed remembering the thought. Then I walked into the kitchen. Remembering the food fights me and Louis had. When me and Niall complained to Rachel cause we didn't have any food. The fight Harry and Zayn had. The flour fight me and Harry had . I'll never forget these memories. I ran back up the stairs into Rachel's room. She came by a couple days ago to get the rest of her stuff. I remember the day we got here she ran up to look at the rooms and once she saw that one of the rooms were green she just had to have it. I smiled . I ran back down the stairs walking to the front door. I turned around taking one last look. "I'll miss you " I whispered . I smiled then turned back around and opened the door . Taking one last step on these steps to the side walk. I hopped in the car and we were off to start over again.

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