Never letting go. (Sequel to Dont Let Me Go*)

Sequel to Don't let me go!******
A month after Harry and Hannah found out that they lost their baby . They move out to a countryside mansion with Rachel and the boys. What kind of drama could happen now? Hannah , trying to start fresh without her depression , but yet she still has dangerous thoughts .Rachel , getting on with her life with Niall, witnesses something she shouldn't have seen. What happens when The boys have to save both of them? Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1.)

Rachel's POV .

It's been a crazy time lately. Hannah losing her baby. Harry trying to cheer her up telling her everything is gonna be okay. To think I could've been an aunt. My eyes well up with tears just thinking about it. "Rachel babe are you ready to go?!" Yelled Niall. I whipped my eyes . "Yeah I'm ready!" I yelled back. I zipped up my last bag of luggage . I walk downstairs and set my luggage down sitting on top of it. I'm really going to miss this house . There were so many memories here. I'll never forget them. "Rachel are you okay?" Niall asked pulling me out of my thoughts . "Yeah yeah I'm fine. I'm just going to miss this house. " I said back. "Don't think about it too much babe. I'll miss it too. But we have to go . I wanna be the first ones to the new house." I laughed standing up. " just let me get my bags" I said brushing off my pants. " no no I got them." He said back taking them out of my hands. "Okay I'll be right out I just have to run back upstairs to get my jacket and my phone " I said turning around going up the stairs. I grabbed my jacket and my phone. Running down the stairs excited to see the new place. I walked outside locking the door . Halfway down the sidewalk I turn around looking at the house. " I'll miss you" I whispered . I turned around to the car and hopping in. Ready for a fresh start with the people I love .

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