Robsten Imagines

robsten ♛ imagines_____________________________________ I M AG I N E • Someone writes a book of Robsten imagines so you can escape to your happy RK world anytime you want.

Sounds good? Well, luckily you don't have to imagine that 'cause this is a book stuffed with Robsten imagines. _____________________________________

Disclaimer: these imagines are all fiction - I don't know Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or their team in any personal way.


10. No I'm Not


Kristen is lying on her stomach on the couch reading a book.

When Rob walks into the room he's met by the sight of his girlfriend wearing his sweat pants which are so baggy on her that he can see the blondes of her black panties.

As he sees her he runs to her, lies with her, pushes the book out of her hands, turns her around in his arms and starts tickling her.

"Rob, stop! Sto-stop! Rob!" she laughs as she tries making him stop.

"Why, Hun? I'm sure Baby enjoys it!" he says as he stops tickling her and pulls her top up to the bottom of her bra so he can stroke her stomach.

"Baby, huh?" she says as she looks at him.

He nods while biting his lower lip.

"Rob, I'm not pregnant!" she whispers and joins his hand on her stomach.

"You're not? Well you'll be in some minutes!" Rob groans.

He kisses her and puts his hand under her bra.

"DON'T TOUCH MY BOOBS!" Kristen screams and Rob pulls himself off of her not understanding why she is acting like that when he's being intimate with her.

He looks surprised at her and she realises she better explain.

"Just don't touch my breasts, they're really sore. Guess I just hit puberty, huh?" Kris jokes but Rob looks at her disbelieving.

"Guess you're pregnant, huh?" he smirks.

"Guess I'm not!" Kristen says and pinches her boyfriend.

"Ouch! Luckily I'm not the one giving birth." Rob smiles at Kris but stops when he sees the bitch-face she's thrown at him.

"Shut the fuck up!" Kristen cries and tries to push Rob away from her. When she realises he doesn't move at all, she just stares at the floor and says, "I'm not pregnant, Rob," so silent that he almost can't hear it.

"Yes, you are!" he exclaims and starts tickling her again, which sends them directly to the floor.

"No, I'm not!" she giggles.

"Yes, you are!" Rob breathes and tickles her some more. Then he stops.

"No, I'm not." Kristen whispers with Rob on top of her as they both try to catch their breaths.

"Kris?" Rob whispers and gets closer to her face.

"Uh?" she replies.

"Are you pregnant?" he asks while he looks from her one eye to the other, waiting for her to reply.

'Yes' she mouths and nods her head with glassy eyes.

Rob cups her face in his hands and kisses her the most passionate way ge has ever done. He puts his hand on her hip which reminds him of that she's wearing his pants.

"Hey! Hands off my wardrobe!" he says playfully against her lips.

"Hey! I'm carrying your baby, I think you owe me!" she mumbles and puts his hand on her exposed stomach.

"Mmm... I love you," he tells her and continues kissing her.

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