Robsten Imagines

robsten ♛ imagines_____________________________________ I M AG I N E • Someone writes a book of Robsten imagines so you can escape to your happy RK world anytime you want.

Sounds good? Well, luckily you don't have to imagine that 'cause this is a book stuffed with Robsten imagines. _____________________________________

Disclaimer: these imagines are all fiction - I don't know Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or their team in any personal way.


9. MTTS Premiere


It's the world premiere of 'Maps to the Stars' and Rob brings the love of his life as his date, Kristen.

She is wearing the most beautiful gown you can ever imagine - a long black dress that fits her perfectly but still doesn't expose her baby bump that much that you'll be able to tell she is pregnant.

Rob takes Kristen's hand in his as they're being leading out of the limousine they arrived in. When the fans realise who Rob is bringing with him they start cheering and and clapping.

As Robsten is posing for pics on the red carpet, Kris tries her hardest not yo put her hand on her almost flat belly but a certain brit, so in love that it should be illegal for him to be responsible for his own actions, lays his palm on his girlfriend's abdomen. Then he places a kiss on her temple telling her that she's doing great and that he has never seen her so beautiful.

Affected by her pregnancy Kristen can't control her moves and stretch her whole body so Rob can peck her lips.

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