Robsten Imagines

robsten ♛ imagines_____________________________________ I M AG I N E • Someone writes a book of Robsten imagines so you can escape to your happy RK world anytime you want.

Sounds good? Well, luckily you don't have to imagine that 'cause this is a book stuffed with Robsten imagines. _____________________________________

Disclaimer: these imagines are all fiction - I don't know Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or their team in any personal way.


4. I Just Got You


Two weeks before Robsten has to film the break-up scene in 'New Moon' (2009). They're lying on the bed, Kristen's back facing Robert's chest. Cuddling. His hand is on her hip, stroking her skin. Their legs are tangled and their fingers are intwined. They're having their eyes closed as they just enjoy every second of the time they have with each other. The hotel room is all silent - the only sounds are the sound of them breathing. Rob opens his eyes and starts placing kisses on Kristen's bare shoulder. He kisses her up her neck and when he reaches her jaw, she turns herself in his arms so she's facing him. Moving his hand from her hip, Rob pulls Kris closer to him so their chests are touching. Then he puts his hand on her hip again. Kristen pecks Rob's lips. They look deep in each other's eyes before they kiss each other softly. When they pull away they smile at one another. Rob then places a short kiss on Kristen's forehead. She smiles and brushes her nose against his. Putting her free hand on Robert's back, Kris pushes herself up so she can have her head on Rob's shoulder. He draws soothing patterns with his palm on her lower back and kisses her everywhere he can.

"Rob?" Kristen whispers as she moves her head from Rob's shoulder and lies next to him so she can look into his eyes.

"Yes?" He says almost as quietly and looks questioning at her. She looks down at their intwined hands so she won't have eye contact with him.

"In a couple of weeks we'll start shooting 'New Moon'... do you think... uhm, do you think it'll be... how do you think it'll be for us to shoot as a couple?"

Robert smiles by her mentioning of their relationship.

"I think it'll be fine," he says and Kris looks up at him and starts smiling when she sees the wide grin on Rob's face.

"Really, Kris, I think it'll be amazing actually, 'cause I'm gonna have you around all the time and I get to kiss you without people interrupting me. It's just... he's breaking up with her in this movie, and I won't leave you right now - I just got you!"

Rob looks at Kristen and sees the tears that are running down her cheeks.

"Aw Kris," he says silently before he pulls her in his arms.

Rob doesn't even ask her what's wrong, he just lets her cry into his chest.

"You're okay?" Robert asks Kris when he doesn't feel any new soaked dots appear on his t-shirt.

"I live you," she tells him as she pulls his head down to her face so she can kiss him. He could've made a joke by saying, "no, you're definitely not okay!", but instead he just kisses her back.

"I love you too," he says against her mouth.

"You're my boyfriend," Kristen whispers and looks into his eyes when they pull away.

"Yes I am! And I'll be that for two years, then..." he says smiling but Kris interrupts him.

"You're planning on leaving me?" She asks worried and he sees the tears in her eyes.

"NO! I'd never do that! I'm planning on proposing to you though," Rob assures Kristen and she smiles so brightly that he just wants to kiss her.

"But don't worry, I won't propose to you right now. I mean, my mind hasn't even got that I'm your boyfriend yet, so I'm pretty sure it won't be able to take 'fiancée',"

He doesn't have time to finish his sentence completely before she kisses him like she'll never stop again.

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