Robsten Imagines

robsten ♛ imagines_____________________________________ I M AG I N E • Someone writes a book of Robsten imagines so you can escape to your happy RK world anytime you want.

Sounds good? Well, luckily you don't have to imagine that 'cause this is a book stuffed with Robsten imagines. _____________________________________

Disclaimer: these imagines are all fiction - I don't know Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or their team in any personal way.


3. Early Days


RK hanging out at Nikki's place (in December 2009) with Nikki, Ashley, Taylor and Kellan. Even though RK will like to still keep their relationship a secret their co-stars have a suspicion that something is going on between the two of them, after they've experienced several nights where RK couldn't hang out with them because they had to "prepare lines" (aka. kiss).

As RK are trying their hardest to keep their hands off each other and not expose their secret, T.N.KE.A are thinking of ways to trick RK into telling them that they're together.

While the girls are making dinner KE and T think they've found a way to get it out of Rob: talking about girls.

"The girls are lucky, huh?" - KE

"Who?" - R

"The bunch of girls you've been datin' lately" - T

"I have not..." - R

"Been a special one? Like one who was more... special than the others?" - KE

"Wha'? I mean, no. Yeah I've been dating a lot but no special one yet." - R

Damn it, their plan didn't work.

"I've got a new boyfriend!" N exclaims while they're cooking.

"Congrats Nik! I'm so happy for you!" - A

N and A stares at K.

"What about you Kris?" N asks K who almost chokes on the peanuts she's eating.

"Me? No... I haven... No... no R-, I mean no boyfriend. No boys. No!"

That didn't work either.

Both totally aware of that Rob can hear every word they say KE asks T, "so what do you think of Kristen?"

"Man she's hot! That ass, I just want to, you know..." - T

R who can't bear a guy is talking about his girlfriend in that way and decides to join KE and T.

"So what are you guys talking about?" - R

"Kristen." - KE

"Yeah, what do you think of her Rob?" - T

"I don't know. I guess she's not my type" R shrugs and walks away.

After an afternoon where T.N.KE.A have tried anything, ANYTHING, to make RK tell them the truth about them they're about to give up.

"Need help with anything?" R asks N as she's loading the dishwasher and he's standing in the doorframe.

"No thanks, Rob" she smiles and continues.

Then K appears in the doorframe.

"Hey Nik, need help?" - K.

When N looks up to see K, she also sees the mistletoe hanging above RK and smirks.

"Tay, Ash, Kellan! Hurry, it's important!" Nikki yells with her hands full of dirty plates.

When T, A and KE come up right behind RK in the door frame they grin when they see the same as N has seen.

"Why smiling?" R asks as he looks confused at his four co-stars. N just makes a gesture with her head to make R notice the mistletoe above them. As he looks up K does so.

Exchanging no words R leans down to K and pecks her lips softly. When K knows what he's up to, she lets her hands go around his neck and pull him closer so she can kiss him deeply. T.N.KE.A start cheering/whistling/clapping. Pulling away from their kiss, RK lean their foreheads against one another's.

"I love you," R whispers and put his hands on K's waist before they kiss some more.

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