Robsten Imagines

robsten ♛ imagines_____________________________________ I M AG I N E • Someone writes a book of Robsten imagines so you can escape to your happy RK world anytime you want.

Sounds good? Well, luckily you don't have to imagine that 'cause this is a book stuffed with Robsten imagines. _____________________________________

Disclaimer: these imagines are all fiction - I don't know Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or their team in any personal way.


2. Cinema


You’re at the world premiere of BDpt1 and the movie is about to begin. A tall man with messy hair and a petite girl sit down in the seats in front of you, and your fangirl heart skips a beat when you realise that it’s Robert and Kristen and that they’re holding hands.

The movie begins but you don’t pay attention to the screen - all you care about is Rob and Kristen having their hands intwined in front of you.

The other twihards in the cinema scream and you look up at the screen to see a shirtless Taylor/Jacob. You’re Team Edward, and not really caring about Jake, so you look back at RK and see that Kristen is screaming along with the fangirls and that Rob is laughing at her.

You sigh of how cute and in love they seem.

You’ve forced yourself to look at the screen because you know the wedding scene will be playing in a minute.

The whole audiene is “aw’ing” when Bella looks at Edward by the altar and you “aw” as well. The bottom of your eyes catches movement in the seats ahead of yours and you look at Rob and Kristen who are smiling at each other. Rob leans in Kristen’s direction so his lips are in front of her ear. He whispers something to her and you assume that it’s, “I love you”, since he places a kiss on her lips afterwards. Breathing seems like an impossible task to you right now.

The movie is playing but you don’t care - RK are the only ones having your attention.

As Edward and Bella are kissing in the streets of Brazil on the screen, Rob puts his arm behind Kristen so it’s leaning on the top of her seat. Kris looks at her boyfriend beside her who has a smug grin plastered on his face. She starts giggling as she reaches for Rob’s hand hanging on her shoulder, and intwines their fingers. Your heart is beating uneven and you make quiet high-pitched noises.

When the scene where Edward and Bella are making out in the water appears on the screen, you can’t control yourself. 1, because you wanna go ‘asdfghjkl’ ‘cause Bellward is finally 'doing it'. 2, because your non-fictional otp is kissing each other passionately right in front of you. Your fangirl heart is about to explode and you just can’t take it anymore, so you *accidentally* hit the back of Kris’ seat with your foot which make both Robert and Kristen look directly at you. When their gazes meet yours, you have to pinch yourself. You lean down to them and whisper, “go on, it’s okay. I won’t tell anybody”. Either they trust their fans like they trust themselves or they’re too in love to really care, but they turn around to face each other again and kiss even more passionately than they did before.

The movie is still playing, but you don’t give an eff - RK being able to act like a normal couple in a cinema is so much more amazing watching.

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