New life

Scarlett has to leave her befriend behind cause her family is moving to the other side of the world. She misses him so much later on she gets to see him again.


2. New life

3 years later

 Scarlett's POV.

for the past month it has been really hard for me because I miss my best friend.... Right now I'm at Britney's house, for a movie day with our group of friends. Connor, Britney, Lisa, Cody, and I have all became so close.

anyway right now we are just watching tv

Lisa's POV.

we were all at Britney's for the day to hang out. Right now we are just flicking through to see what's on tv but than xfactor uk caught my attention so I told Britney to leave it on this. I though to watch this cause Scarlett is   from there and I thought it might help her cause she has been so sad.

next this hot guy in tv just walked out on stage and Simon asked him for his name. He said he was Louis Tomlinson. As soon as he said that Scarlett's eyes payed more attention to the tv. 


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