New life

Scarlett has to leave her befriend behind cause her family is moving to the other side of the world. She misses him so much later on she gets to see him again.


3. Louis

Louis' POV.

its been 3 years since Scarlett moved to Australia. And ever since than I've been really upset. I've started drinking, and having one night stands to try to get her out of my mind. But I can't all I can think about is her and how she left me. 

I decided to go on xfactor just to try something new. Before I knew it k was put in a boy band with Harry styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and zayn malik. Don't get me wrong the boys are great but I just went on to forget about Scarlett.

Scarlett's POV.

it's been a month since I saw Louis walk out on stage. He was put in to a boy band with 4 very cute guys. Ever since the came 3rd on xfactor I've haven't listened to any and I mean any of their music. Even though they can sing it just reminds me of all the fun times Louis and I had together

im now in grade 9 (yea I know Louis is much older but we are family friends) and its the last day of the school year. So all the teachers have putted together some activities for us to do.

Cody's POV.

when Lisa and Britney told me one direction were coming to perform. I felt sad for Scarlett cause her old best, friend was in that band. And ever since Louis went on xfactor they lost contact with each other. 

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