A Silent Misconception

A young woman tries to live day to day fulfilling responsibilities when suddenly her life takes a short right off the deep end. From waking up in the hospital to finding out a stalker has been keeping close eye. Is she suppose to be afraid? What is a girl to do? Why her? Find out!


1. Dreary

       I woke up in a fright, my head was drenched, sweat slowly rolled down my forehead, as I wiped it with the back of my hand. I can hear my heart throbbing and as I go to gasp for air, nothing happens. I’m shortly puzzled thinking,

“Am I dying?” “What’s happening to me?”

I could feel an intense burn driving through my throat; I put my hands on my neck as if that would make any difference. It burned as if someone was burning a cigarette in my skin. I scream. Yet, nothing comes out. I feel as if I’m drowning out of oxygen. I attempt to pick myself up but failed.

"Why is this happening to me?"

A cold shiver slivered down my spine. I could feel the goose bumps rise upon my limp arms. My eyes could barely stay pealed. Everything was starting to slowly blur. I tried to get up again but I couldn't. My body is tingling and I can’t feel anything from the waste down. I try to waken the blood cells in my legs by smacking them. Nothing.

"Come on", as I thought to myself. “Help!”

I screamed as loud as I possibly could but no one heard me. I couldn't figure out where I was. The flat ground was icy and all I could hear is the dribble leak from the roof top above. This could really be the end of me, I thought. I haven't even finished watching the end of Teen Wolf. I haven't even been to Paris yet!

"Snap out of it", I told myself.

Your life is at risk and all your worried about is watching the end of Teen Wolf. I began to cry. I couldn't hold back anymore. All that I ever lived for was slowly slipping away. It's not like anyone would miss me though. I was the person that stayed to themselves, listened to 80's music and did whatever was asked of me. I wasn't the perfect child nor the smartest growing up but you know what? I did what I had to do. Nothing ever seemed good enough though. There was always something that got in the way. Maybe this was a sign or a symbolic meaning from god from back when I was in my younger years and pushed Tommy McVarlin off the swings. Then everything went black.

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