A Silent Misconception

A young woman tries to live day to day fulfilling responsibilities when suddenly her life takes a short right off the deep end. From waking up in the hospital to finding out a stalker has been keeping close eye. Is she suppose to be afraid? What is a girl to do? Why her? Find out!


2. Bright Lights

I opened my eyes slowly. The burn of the shining light hurt like hell. Suddenly, I snapped,

“Where the fuck am I?” “What happened to me?”

I can feel water running down my cheeks. As I began to cry.

“She’s awake!” A perky nurse standing over me said with a loud excited tone.

The nurse started to jot down signs of the incident as a nurse would do. I laid there in disbelief and mixed emotions started to flood my head. I was trying to recreate what happened and nothing. It was as if someone had erased the accident from my memory. I tried harder. Think! Think! Think! I thought to myself. Yet, still nothing. Suddenly a tall, pale, thin man with a birthmark on his left hand and a calm voice asked.

Doctor: “How are her vitals?” 

Nurse: “Stable Dr.”

Doctor: “How is her Temperature?”

Nurse: “Normal”

Doctor: “Repertory Rate?"

Nurse: “Steady”

Doctor: “How are her body functions?"

Nurse: “Heavy bruised but that’s about it. It will heal in about 3 days but medication will need to be prescribed.”

As the nurse left the doctor decided to play detective.

Doctor: "So Miss, How did you hurt your head?”

I laid there. Quiet as could be. Then I remembered the lights were hurting my eyes.

“Can someone turn the lights down their burning my eyes”

The doctor pushed the portable light off to the side.

“Miss?” said the doctor starting to get impatient.

“I don’t know” I said wiping away my tears.

Doctor: "Well, where were you?"

“I don’t know, I can’t remember”, I said.

Doctor: "How did you get here?"

I sat up puzzled with misconception. I rubbed my eyes getting my hand all soggy.

“I’m not sure, all I remember was that I was going to get a lemon ice down the street and now I’m here.”

The doctor nodded his head as if I was crazy and started to head towards the door.

Doctor: You can leave here once I get your information in about 15 minutes.

[15 minutes passed by]

A nurse enters and reassured me that I’m okay and tells me that I need to take these horse sized pills for my bruising for the next week every 6 hours. As she was walking out she whispered

“You’re lucky that, that man saved you when he did or else you would have been a goner my dear..”

As I was gathering my things, I was in deep thought. I couldn’t remember what happen and that bugged the jitters out of me! How can I be so stupid as I thought to myself. I can’t do anything right. Now look at me. Bruised and wait what did she say? Did she say a man?

"What man?" "Nurse!" "Nurse!"

I ran to the door to stop her and she was gone. I just stood there in disbelief.
I started to ask myself,

"What man?"

As if, I wasn’t already worried enough about how I got here. I gathered my stuff and headed to the front desk. I asked the very plump sized lady at the front desk if she knew the nurse with red curly hair, kind of older. She looked at me and asked

"I’m sorry, we don’t have anyone by that description here. What’s your name dear?"

How could they not have anyone by that description here? She just told me what I needed to do to get better.  

I asked, "Are you sure? She just came into my room."

"I’m sorry ma’am, your name?"

"Selena. Selena Marie Gomez."

"Well, Selena your bill will be shipped to you in the mail and make sure you pick up your medication from the pharmacy in about a few hours."

I signed a few wavers and left.

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