A COLLECTION OF POEMS THAT WILL BE WRITTEN OVER 2014 - INTERNAL PROCESS is the sorting of thoughts and feelings, emotions and visions from the places of creativity that I truly believe exist.


24. TIME IMMEMORIAL (marching across fields of years)

Why does time have to march on fast shoes?

Across the fields of years

I know that I am just thirty nine

But I feel the pressure in my bones


clocks tick endlessly in the background

We have no way to stop them

Marching in tune to the rhythm of life

A voice whispers to me

"Don't worry about your wars!"


You can still be the youth in your heart

Even when the years crinkle skin

hands shake

Friends make your heart stay clear


You can put yourself on the cross

Stay frozen in time

Or you can flow with the rhythm

Stay young, stay true, stay who you are

(Your a beam of light)


I wanted to slip into another timeline

Only for a day (or two)

You told me "This can not be!"

If only, I can dream!


Forever moving forward

To the light, to the future

to the person waiting for me

The person I will become


Young inside

Young in mind

Young in so many ways

I'll never leave dreaming behind








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