A COLLECTION OF POEMS THAT WILL BE WRITTEN OVER 2014 - INTERNAL PROCESS is the sorting of thoughts and feelings, emotions and visions from the places of creativity that I truly believe exist.



How does it make you feel?

What does it provoke in you?

Can you see the value?

Or is it just junk to you?


I never saw before

These meanings and these thoughts

Now I understand

The artist has been taught


I saw so much once I had found the way in

A new world open to me to explore

So much to discover

form of creativity lost until now


A bed, A tent

A shark in a tank

flies eating dead carcases

explained in a night


Clocks melting on a branch

A dream world from a man

World of the surreal

worlds I understand


Words are my paint

splashed on paper or screen

shared with the world

not alone anymore


It takes me back to the man

who inspired me.

painting in his shed

sharing his story


That plate of potatoes

the painting on the wall

No one knows the story

You told me them all


Those moments are captured

The works upon my wall

When I look I Remember

The times we shared


They stand together in an apocalyptic scene

That shadow of man and woman

You and Nan

You painted it just for me


When I had to let you go

It was hard, so hard

I got angry and hurt

I got those painting though


I got your words

the story of life

printed on pages

Your with me still



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