A COLLECTION OF POEMS THAT WILL BE WRITTEN OVER 2014 - INTERNAL PROCESS is the sorting of thoughts and feelings, emotions and visions from the places of creativity that I truly believe exist.



Long ago, a gold ball fell into the hands of the princess

She thought the sun had fallen from the sky

Her hands felt the power of the golden glow

She ran to her father inside


He touched the ball and turned to gold

The princess screamed and dropped the ball

It rolled across the floor to her mothers feet

She reached down to become gold


The princess called from the window above

"My mother and father are gold!"

"Worth more now than they ever were!" Screamed back the angry crowd

The princess turned her back to them


She walked to the ball and picked it up

Still she was not golden

She wondered why this was not so

Who could lift her curse?


To the lake she ran and threw the ball

Sinking forever more

"Why did you throw your gift?"

The voice from a frog


"It turned my parents to gold." She cried

"They are gone forever more."

"I can help you. I just need one kiss."

"A kiss?" The princess laughed.

"Just one kiss." The frog closed his eyes


The Princess got down to kiss the frog

TO her surprise, before her eyes

A man stood where the frog had been

"Now I can swim. I can find your ball."


Together they went to the castle

The golden ball in the hands of the princess

"How will you help?" She asked.

"Watch and you will see."


The man took the ball from the princess

And touched her father and mother

Life was restored to them

The princess turned to thank the man


He stood there, a golden statue

The ball still in his hands

The princess cried and hugged him

"You will forever be my only man"


SO the years went on and the princess grew

She never loved another

An old lady she neared the end

"One last time I kiss you." She said


She kissed those golden lips

The room filled with light

The man looked at his elderly Princess

"It is time to say goodbye"


He took her into his arms

The room filled with golden light

The two become one that day

An endless Golden night



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