A COLLECTION OF POEMS THAT WILL BE WRITTEN OVER 2014 - INTERNAL PROCESS is the sorting of thoughts and feelings, emotions and visions from the places of creativity that I truly believe exist.


18. THE BOOK FROM THE SEA (A trillion words)

Finding parts of myself

I had closed down

pushed aside and let rot

putrid in my soul


I heal from a place of hurt

A place of solitude

A world I made my own

I'm finding my way


I live and I grow

I grow so I live

To find the next level

personal development


Yes, I have stumbled

I have taken wrong turns

like everyone else

These things we just learn


I know when it's coming

grips me with fear

pulling me under

It's my ship, I'll steer!


out on a sea of trillion words

Finding the combinations

that help me to learn

(learn and heal)


I never give up

Never let go

something is healing

I just have to know


When you find me

I will be free

A smile and book

Always something to read




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