A COLLECTION OF POEMS THAT WILL BE WRITTEN OVER 2014 - INTERNAL PROCESS is the sorting of thoughts and feelings, emotions and visions from the places of creativity that I truly believe exist.


32. AS SILVER SPRINGS PLAYS (I hear your words)

Embers of the fire

float in the air

carried by my thoughts

I burn for you


I listen to "Silver springs"

I hear something else talking

I know your knocking

(Tell the world boy)


Can I ever float to a place I belong

To a place where my heart can dance

I want to feel my spirit lift up

In the sky, high ... higher


Tell my heart that it is all ok

Each and everyday will bring laughter

Don't block it with anger and regrets

Each day can bring joy and love


I want this to ring in my ears

In the morning as I awaken to a new day

Lifting me to the new dawn

Feeling the happiness


Silver and gold

Ring of old

On wrinkled hands I will twist

Remembering who I gave my heart to


(so very many years ago)


I am not looking for a way out

It is the way in I am seeking

I want to float like embers

From a fire filled with love

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