Loose Your Mind

:) rawarr enjoy, definitely was inspired by this poem I did


1. Nightfall to Sunrise

I can see nothing but darkness

I can only hear the screams

I'm completely locked out

This was suppose to be me...not it

I'm no longer master or in control

How could this ever had happen

A normal person among the living

I can't even speak through mine own lips

I'm stuck in a mind of quicksand

Each step I take to break free

The more I become close to drowning

I'm haunted by the images

Flashes of people I don't know

All in fear of me, why me?

When I reach to help those

To my horror they die

If this was a nightmare

I could wake up in relief

But instead wait in grief

I'm trapped for hours

Waiting in darkness

Until that door appears

Light finally coming through

Pushing it aside to walk in

I take a quick look back

Hearing it take my place

If only I could lock it up

But I lost that key too late

As I stand free I froze

In the mirror of the light

I see me but is that me?

I'm covered in blood

This is not you...this is me

I'm loosing my mind...

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