She's my one and only

A girl name Sophia moved into the new state . And met this cute boy in her neighbor ..she thinks she's in love with him .. So what about him ? Does he feel the same way about her ??

My new story ...
Tell me if is bad or not bad or good ..
Thx much love����


2. I forgot to ...😣

But that's good that he's taller than me so that I do get feel secured :) and then he said "are you new in this town ?" "Yes" I replied and he said " well it was nice meeting you and hope u will enjoy staying here ;)"so I got kind of blush because he smile and He hugged me . Damn !! I felt his body .. Wow his body was nice and warm .

Sophia POV:

Gosh ! He is just darn so cute .. And I can't forget about those hazel eyes and his killer smile .. When he smile I got this butterflies in my stomach .. He make me feel like I'm in haven and meeting with angel ! Ohh darn it .. I forgot to tell him my name .. But ohh well I can do that another time .

His POV:

God thank you so much for sending this girl to me . She is just the love of my life ... I've never seen such a cute girl like her ... Dang it ... I think I'm already in love with her ! I wonder if she have a boyfriend . I wish not .. But who wouldn't like her .. I mean look at her she have this prefect curve body and long hair and her smile which can make u forget about who u are or around u ..I want to talk to her again !!! Oh fudge I forgot to ask her name .

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