She's my one and only

A girl name Sophia moved into the new state . And met this cute boy in her neighbor ..she thinks she's in love with him .. So what about him ? Does he feel the same way about her ??

My new story ...
Tell me if is bad or not bad or good ..
Thx much love����


1. First time meeting 😍

My name is Sophia Sarah and I'm 16 years old , I have the long and natural wavy hair up until my wrist ..I have the brown hazel eyes ....and I use to live in New York but I just recently moved to Canada because of my parents jobs ....

Sophia POV:

Well since I moved to this new country ..I guess I just have to try to fit in with this neighbor .. Looks like a peaceful place to live .. Well I kind of like it .. But I wonder if I will ever fit in this country.. Or even just in this neighbor :( ohh I didn't know there are some cute guys live here too ...and he's coming this way what should I do ??? Should I just stand still or should I pretend didn't seen him and make fake accident bump into him ??? What should I do ??? Ohh he coming toward me. !!! Okay I'll just stand still....

Cute guy POV:

Ohh there is girl over there I guess she the new girl in town and whoa she is kind of look cute ;) well since she going to be my neighbor soon . I will go and greet her but just looking at her from a far she looks absolute stunning her wavy hair and her style ...gosh I can't wait to get near her I'll just go up and talk to her and Im gonna try to become fri with her as soon as possible :)

Me: I was just stand still and he came up to me and said "hey , how are you?" ..."good thx , what about u ? " I replied and I just realize that he have this beautiful looks hazel eyes , killer smile , his perfect teeth and he's quite taller than me ....

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