Mistakes can be wishes

Well my name is Priscilla Payne liam is my brother I love him well brother love him


5. why.......what!

Priscilla's pov

I had so many tears in my eyes everything was Blury I just hugged Niall and he hugged me back he was so warm

No ones pov

Niall:what happend why are you crying?


Niall:what did harry do

Priscilla:h--he Chea-Ted o-n me


Priscilla's pov

I dried my tears withy hands

No ones pov

Priscilla: I went to the bathroom with my kids and then when I went outside I saw harry-

Priscilla's pov

I was cut of when someone barged through the door

Nialls pov

I hugged her then told her to run to my room

Good thing no one saw her

Harry:give me Priscilla

Niall:what do you mean?

Harry:don't act stupid! Give me Priscilla!

Niall:I don't have her!

Harry: I know that you know that she's here so tell her to come right now or else

Niall:I don't have her and if I did I would never give her to a jerk like you

Nialls pov

After I said that he broke into tears and fell to the ground

Priscilla's pov

I heard some had tears then I heard Harry's voice was cracking I can't see him like this

Harry's pov

I then saw Priscilla run down the stairs and hold me tight

Priscilla:how can you do this to me

Harry:I wasn't me it was a fan

Harry's pov (in head)

I was lying I kissed her one time i had sex with her after I knew Priscilla was pregnant

Priscilla:you promise

Harry:I promise

Priscilla's pov

I know he's lying so I just ran to Niall and hugged him

Priscilla:no I know your lying

Harry:I'm sorry can I just forgive me

Priscilla:is this your first time cheating on me

Priscilla's pov

He looked guilty


Priscilla:when else did u cheat on me

Harry:when you were pregnet well actual before you told me

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