Mistakes can be wishes

Well my name is Priscilla Payne liam is my brother I love him well brother love him


3. shopping day

As I went to go make breakfast my little girl Samantha came then darcy came wither downstairs they were 7 and the other ones was 5 I know me and harry won't ready to have a child back then but mistakes can be wishes

Well darcy looks just like Harry but she has our dimples how cute

Then we have Samantha she's 5 but she looks nothing like harry so I'm thinking of putting her my last name Samantha Payne and Darcy styles Samantha looks like liam and me liam is my brother

Ready for school princess's yes Mommy they both said in there cute little girl voices

I went to tell harry to change and the sleepover guest also changed and after all if that we were all eating breakfast

Samantha go get ready and remember to bring your glasses I said. Yes mommy she responded

Darcy you ready yes mommy ok darling I said as I finished my breakfast and washed my dish and I got ready to take them to school they woke up extra early today since I was going to wake them up in 1 hour but they drinked there milk and ate there breakfast so after they were done they washed there dishes really clean and went to watch some tv

While I curled my hair put on a tank top then a crop top then I put some waist shorts and last but not least some red and black converse and I put no make since I really didn't need it I had no zits not even pimples and my eye lashes were really long my hair was dirty blonde

I went to get my car keys and put them on the table and prepared my daughters lunch

If your wondering how old I am I'm 23 and harry is 24

Let's go cuties I said and then we left with harry hopping to the passenger seat

Then we took them to school and I took harry and I to Starbucks and orderd what we needed and left and harry went to the couch and we watch some movies then it was time to pick up the girls

Let's go harry I yelled he ran to the passenger seat and we picked up the girl and went to the mall

We first went to build a bear workshop and they built there own bears and I payed the guy and we left to justice to buy them clothes

After Harry's hands and my hands were full harry paid and we then went to Jumba juice

We ordered our smoothies and then we went to the car to put there stuff in there so now me and harry will shop and if the girls want anything else

I had the girls with me while Harry went to the men's shop

I went to victorice secret and got my stuff

I went to macys and got a perfume

Then I went to footlocker and got me some Jordan's then I went Tillys and got clothes there then I went in forever 21 then I went to some store I don't know the name and got some converse then me and harry met up at the buffet court and are there

Then I went to the bathroom but when I came back harry was kissing another girl

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