Harry has to go on a date with Abby, a girl who is stuck in a wheelchair. Could Abby risk everything to make him fall in love with her?


1. Why?

Harry's pov

Harry, you need to finish up!" "You've been in the bathroom for over an hour!"

"Mom, do I really need to this?"

"What's so bad about having a date with Abby?" "Even though she is in a wheelchair, you should act like she isn't." "Abby is a smart girl that's going to keep you away from trouble." Have you picked a place to go yet?

"Yeah, I'm taking her to Grayson's Grill."

But that's over an hour away!

" That's why I'm doing it."I can't have anybody from school know."

Abby's pov

Pink? No, Blue. Wait! What about green?

Abby make a decision already. Harry's not going to care about what color dress you wear.

Thanks Sis, but I haven't been on a date in over two years. If this date fails, I might not go on a date for another two years.

So how did he ask you out?

He didn't. Mom and Mrs.Styles decided that both of us needed to "go out more", so then they just forced him to take me some wear. I feel kind of bad for him though. Like, who would want to go out with an ugly girl on a wheelchair.

First of all it doesn't matter that you are in a wheelchair. Second of all, you're gorgeous. Any boy would be lucky to go out with you. Now, what time is he picking you up?

He is picking me up at 7:00, so I have to hurry up! Stop distracting me Rachel!

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