My HighSchool experience. "The best 4 years of your life!" will see...


2. Still Chill.

so life is staying pretty boring.

My friends keep getting on and off my nervous and honestly i just think i need some new ones.

I have been working really hard for softball and tryouts are next weekend. This weekend is basketball state, and the play.

The play sucked this year, well worst out of the last 3 thats for sure. It is partly cause they missed a bunch of practice, but honestly the talent was not that good. Everyone was going crazy but they dont know true theater.

I have seen quite a few lookers from different schools im existed to meet in the guy department, and some intimating girls...

Thats the reason i wrote this, i have seen quite a few girls at orientation and the play that are so pretty and look so old for their age, i am so intimated im going to be a nothing compared to them.

Joel, i dont think i said anything about him but he has a twin, Micah. Micah likes my friend Chelsea who is really crazy and loud and outgoing, more then cate and julia. Joel likes me but i dont know how i feel about him. He never talks and barely snapchats me and his friends are really weird. He is really hot and today at basketball we saw his team and they were not wereing shirts... 😍 but yeah i dont know if i really want to start talking to him and stuff yet, i drop the class i have with him tomorrow and im bummed.

I think i wanna be closer with Carolyn since she only has 1 or 2 best friends that are going to different schools. I am trying to be closer with Erica and its sorta working.

I am still so nervous to start HighSchool and everyone in it. To add to that they want me to take this class that is for people sorta in the middle to prepare them for AP classes. I dont want it and i dont think i need it, but a lot of people from different schools are doing it that i am sorta friends with are doing it but i want to get my art electives done with. I will probably end up dropping it. 

Tata for now, over and out.

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