I Say Hate, He Says Fate

katie is walking with her 4 year old sister gemma home, in the dark. I boy on a mini-bike drove past them about 5 minutes ago. but what happens when the boy is driving back?

katie just go out of school and is getting ready for collage. she loves her sister more then anything. she hates walking with her in the dark and is always worried. and the one day she lets her guard down it all falls apart.


4. sweat and sour

I ran to Eleanor's room. "EL! WERE THE HELL ARE YOU!" I herd a groan from downstairs. "Be quit! I'm tring to sleep!." "NIALL!" I hear another groan. "What? Did zombies come to eat our brains! is that why my head hurts?" I hear thumping then I see Niall in nothing but his underwear. "No Niall, you have a hang over, now please put your cloths on!" he smirks. "Fine. But only if you give me your number and I get to take you to nandos." I roll my eyes. "Fine whatever. Here is my number." He fist bumps the air. "Ok get ready. we are going to NANDOS!" "wait, right now?" He rolls his eyes. "Yes! now get READY!" and niall runs down the stairs scwealing like a child. "Oh God." I mutter.

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