I Say Hate, He Says Fate

katie is walking with her 4 year old sister gemma home, in the dark. I boy on a mini-bike drove past them about 5 minutes ago. but what happens when the boy is driving back?

katie just go out of school and is getting ready for collage. she loves her sister more then anything. she hates walking with her in the dark and is always worried. and the one day she lets her guard down it all falls apart.


1. small bike, large threts

We walked in silence. She was so cute with her little poney tail. I watched her skip along without a care in the world. I hated walking in the dark with no lights for cars to see us. But I have to. For my sister. Im katie, I have one sister. She is 4 years old. Her name, is gemma. I love her so much anytime she is hurt I blame it on me. Even when Im not near her. Like last summer when she broke her finger. I was in London, yet I said it was my fault for not being there. I cant control how much I love her. Anyways... We were walking home from the bus stop like always. She was skipping, and I was making sure there were no cars and she couldnt trip. I grabbed her as a mini bike went by. "WATCH WERE YOUR GOING MORON!" I shouted at him. He had no lights on his bike so I couldnt see him. Luckly I heard him intime.


we were about half way home when I started to lighten up. Gemma was holding my hand so I thought she was safe. I was wrong. the next thing I knew she let go of my hand by force and fell to the ground screaming. I saw the mini bike stop. The boy on it had fallen. He got back on his mini bike and raced away. I made a split second disition. I swiftly picked up my screaming sister and ran after the bike. I was almost to him and I stopped. I told my sister to stay there and wait. She was sobbing but nodded. I started running after the man. I finally reached him and jumped. I tackled him off his bike and into the snow. I took off his helmet but I couldnt see him. I started beating him. I felt blood on my face. I finally knocked him out and he just lay there. I called 911 to come get my sister and the man. I had a feeling I broke his bones, lots. I told the people my address and went to get my sister. She was hidding in a bush sobbing so loud no one could sleep through it. I picked her up and walked over to the man. I started to drag him to my house with my screaming sister in my arms. I probably looked like the crimanal with a screaming child and a passed out boy. Good thing my nabours knew me.


I got home and all the lights were off. great. now no one can help me with my sister and this stupid idiot moron boy. I thought to myself. I walked in the house and turned the lights on. I looked at my sister and for the first time saw her leg. It was all twissted. the damn boy must have broke my poor sisters leg. I put her on her bed. she had fallen asleep in my arms. the boy had his face to the ground. I wondered if I dragged him on his face. ha I hope so! no that would be mean. I always was nice to people. even people I hated. I was about to turn him over when the ambulance arrived. they took my sister into the ambulance on a strecher, I looked at her pale lips. I was praying she would be ok. next they took the boy on I strecher. as he was being put into the ambulace I saw his face. I stopped. it, it cant be! is it? I started looking closer. it is! "l..l..Louis Tomlinson!" and everything went black.

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