I Say Hate, He Says Fate

katie is walking with her 4 year old sister gemma home, in the dark. I boy on a mini-bike drove past them about 5 minutes ago. but what happens when the boy is driving back?

katie just go out of school and is getting ready for collage. she loves her sister more then anything. she hates walking with her in the dark and is always worried. and the one day she lets her guard down it all falls apart.



I paced in my room. Back and forth, back and forth. How was I going to kill- I mean get revenge? I could drop a car on him! No to messy. I could put rattle snakes in his tour bus! No what if one of the other boys get bitten. What was I going to do? I thought about it untill my door flew open. I looked. And there, stood four angery boys and one angery girl. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!" They all screamed at me. "You dont know half the story! Louis killed my little sister! Would you let someone get away with it if someone killed your family! Probably not!" Eleanor looked at me. "He, he killed your little sister? OH MY GOD! Im so sorry I had NO idea!" I smiled at her. "Hey its not your fault he ran her over with his bike." I shrugged. "I am so breaking up with him! I cant beilive it!" "I know. And he didnt een stop to help! He just got back on his bike and drove off!" Eleanor looked pissed. I knew louis was heading for a nasty break up. "I will be right back." She said through gritted teeth. She left the room, and I was stuck with four very shocked looking boys. "Were so sorry for your los." Liam appolizised. "Its ok. It wasnt your fault he is a bast-" just then eleanor walked in. Tears in her eyes. "He. He broke up with me before I even had a chance to talk!" She started weeping. I went over to her side. "Shhhhh. Its ok. You were gunna dump him anyway. She looked up at me, hurt in her eyes. "But it still hurts when they dump you before you dump them." She looked down. I felt her pain, though, I had never had a boyfriend, my friends always asked me for help with there relationships. I patted her on the back. She stood up and faced the boys. "I feel so bad for you that you have to deal with him." Thay all nodded. "Hey whats your name anyway?" "My names katie. Nice to meet you!" I stuck out my hand but instead of taking it she hugged me. "Haha thanks. I needed that. Hey can ai get your number?" She nodded amd we swapped numbers. "Yay! A new person for truth or dare night!" I gasped. "Ive always wanted to have a truth or dare night!" We giggled. "Well now you can!" We started girl laughing and the boys stared at us. "Yes boys. You can still come." The boys started hip hip horaying and we just laughed even harder. I guys four of the five boys are nice.


I walked into el's house. "OMG! ITS HUGE!" She giggled. "Thanks! C'mon! Lets get ready for the party!" We giggled.


Eleanor had picked a long tight black dress and blackish-brownish makeup to go with it. I on the other hand went all party girl! I wore a short strapless mini dress the color of bubble gum, and the best part was, it was sparkly! My makeup was bright pink lipstick, silver eyeshadow and cats eye eyeliner. Eleanor gasped when she saw me. "OMG! I have shoes that would be PERF for that dress! One sec!" I gigled. Me and eleanor had the same size feet so we wore eachothers shoes all the time now, yet, only yesterday we met. Ha! "Here thay are!" My mouth fell open. They were perfect! They were black four inch boots. I LOVED them. "OMG I love them el!" She giggled. "Shows you how good i am with shoes!" We giggled some more when the first bell rang. El answerd it and some random people walked in with the boys. "I can tell. This is gunna be a fun night!" Harry said and winked at me. Oh brother.


Everyone was drunk. Even I was. We gatherd around a bottle for truth or dare. Some boy that looked alot like louis spinned it. It landed on me. "Truth or dare?" I decided what the heck. "Dare!" I smiled devlishly. He smirked. "I dare you, and no backing out, to make love with me!" I gasped. But I was to drunk to care. "Well you said no backing out." Eleanor was the only sobber one there. She looked at me and mouthed, bad idea! Dont do it! But I remember the boy taking me to a bed to "snuggle" and thats all I rememberd.


I woke to a hand on my stomach. I was naked. Were was I? All of last night came flooding back. I rememberd the dare. Oh god did my head hurt! I looked over to see who the boy was, thinking it was harry, I tickled him. When I herd the groun I knew it wasnt harry. He turned over and looked at me half asleep. "Morning babe." He smirked. No. No no no no no! Not him! I backed up and fell on the floor. "Hey. Jow about some morning stuff?" I glared. "NO! I cant beilive yoy did this! Whats wrong with you!" "Ok ok babe chill." He put his hands up infront of his chest. "Im not your babe! You killed my sister! Now you make love with me! Whats next? Ask me to marrie you after killing my dad!" I was raging. "Marrage. Not a bad idea babe." "IM NOT YOUR BABE! And I never will be louis! Stay out of my life! I never EVER want to see you again!" With that I got dreasehdj

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