I Say Hate, He Says Fate

katie is walking with her 4 year old sister gemma home, in the dark. I boy on a mini-bike drove past them about 5 minutes ago. but what happens when the boy is driving back?

katie just go out of school and is getting ready for collage. she loves her sister more then anything. she hates walking with her in the dark and is always worried. and the one day she lets her guard down it all falls apart.


2. He almost killed her!

Everything went black.


I woke at the hospital beside my sister. We were both in beds. "Note to self. Tell the docters to get comfy beds." I mumbled. I looked over at gemma. Her heart stats were going slow. I started to worry, as they began to grow slower by the second. "Gemma! Gemma wake up!" I tried yelling to her. All I reseved back was silence. "Oh god if you truly love me she will be ok." Her heart beat started to quicken. To much. It started racing. Faster and fasting by the second. "GEMMA! DOCTORS PLEASE HELP! SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH HER!" Doctors started racing in. They put a curtan around gemmas bed. I started to worrie. Were was mum? I started to panic. She was no were to be seen. I looked around the room one last time. Nothing. "Hello miss." I jumped. A doctor in his 30's probably was looking at me. "Um, hello. Were is my mum? Whats wrong with my sister? Why am I in this bed?" He looked at me and laughed. "First your mum is at work. Second your sisters heart is failing. Therd you are here because you blacked out." He smiled. "MY SISTERS HEART IS WHAT!" I shot right out of my bed amd tried to get to my sister. But the doctors wouldnt let me passed. I tried pushing and shoving but security came and took my to another room. I looked around my new room. I saw a boy sitting on a window sill staring who knows were. "Um, sorry to disturb you but I wa kinda put in this room would you like me to leave?" I said kindly not wanting to stay. He looked at me. Instantly my stomach filled with rage. Before I could talk I ran up to him and grabbed him by the shirt. "You!" He tensed. "Your lucky I already beat the shit out of you and your famous or you would wish-" I noticed how he was looking at me. Almost with aw. He was about to speak when a doctor came in the room. "Miss?" I looked at her. "Yes?" "Are you the sister of gemma in room 127?" "Yes I am why?" She looked at me saddend. "Its about gemma..." She started to trial off. "What! What happend!?" She looked at me. "Her heart, it, it failed. Gemma is no longer with us." I let go of the boy and fell to tge ground. "WHAT! HOW DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN! I THOUGHT YOU WERE A DOCTOR!" I started sobbing. Louis tried to comfert me. I glared at him. "You!" He let go. "Your the one who killed her! Your the one who hit her with your bike! You muderer! Im going to beat you so hard your gunna wish you were never born!" I lanched at him. I started kicking and punching but i had no energy. I fell to the floor crying. "H-h-how d-d-did th-this ha-h-happen! Wh-wh-why gemma! Sh-she wa-wa-was so y-y-young!" I managed to speak through sobbs. "From this day on louis," he looked at me scared. "I swear I will get my revenge!" He stared at me with wide eyes. "But," I glared. "I didnt mean to hit her." He looked down. I was so close to beating the crap out of him. He looked up at me. "I was only on my way to meet you." All feelings drained from me exsept shock. "Wh-what?" I stamerd. "I had seen so many of your tweets to me I wanted to meet you. Like how you always said how you care about me for me." He looked down. I glared. "Well now louis." He looked up with a flicker of hope. "Now. All that, is gone. Now, I swear to kill you!" His fce went white. The doctor heard me say that and took me into a new room away from louis. "I swear louis tomlinson. I will kill you!"




What have I done. I killed her sister. What can I say? What will I say to the public! Will she sew me? She probably should... Will she acctuly kill me? Oh god! I hope not! No louis she wont kill you... Will she? 

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