Intermezzos of a Broken Mind

Me and my melancholy are back, now with a whole new collection of thoughts, feelings and too much pain. Intermezzos of a Broken Mind is, in many ways, my deepest and most personal work until this day.


3. Intermezzo Two - Pain

Pain. What it can do to a person. I'm in pain. I feel it stronger than anything else. Everything is covered in a thin film of it. I sometimes wish I knew something else, but I don't, and I am starting to think that I never will, because everything I thought I knew has fallen. Now the only thing I know to be safe is the pain that dwells inside me. I can call on it just to feel less alone. Just to be a little less empty. Because in reality, there is only one thing worse than everlasting pain.

Everlasting emptiness.

But emptiness is possibly the only other thing I can cling to, which leaves me back where I started; in pain.

So what do you do, when your best case scenario is deadly? And when death is your best option, do you even have another? And if so, can you even consider it?

There is only so much a person can take, and I want to be able to walk out on the other side of this, as just partly human, dead or alive.

I will not lose myself. I can't pick up those pieces once again.

Hush hush now.

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