Intermezzos of a Broken Mind

Me and my melancholy are back, now with a whole new collection of thoughts, feelings and too much pain. Intermezzos of a Broken Mind is, in many ways, my deepest and most personal work until this day.


6. Intermezzo Five - Silence

Silence. I'd kill for silence in my head right now. But it is one huge chaotic mess of thoughts that I can't keep track of, even less control.

Nor do I really care to try anymore.

There's him. Then there's someone else. Then there's me. Then my blood is flowing. Then there's him again.

No, I can't keep up, and I'm not fooling myself into believing that I will be able to any time soon.

My mind is as much a mystery as the Bermuda triangle, and just as dangerous. I should have a sign on my forehead saying; proceed with caution!

I am not quite sure if I will out-live this thought. I am also not quite sure it will ever end.

Only time will prove either, I guess. Ain't I right?

I'm not sure.

I've had a hard time distinguishing dream from reality lately. I don't know why, but the one thing I am pretty sure of, is that I don't want to know.

Hush hush now...

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