The Zombie Apocalyspe

Rosie Lockett was a regular teenager until some dead people decide to come back and eat them. She is on the run with her little sister,Annie. But what happens when she runs into a certain boyband who is also running for their lives. Will she have to move on,or will she run with them. Will they be enemies or will they fall in love. Will old lovers reunite or be torn a part once again.



Rosie's POV


We decided to sleep since we hadn't slept in days."Hey,I'll keep watch," I said sitting down with my back against the wall."I'll keep watch also," Niall came over and sat down beside me. I smiled at him."You need your sleep," he whispered in my ear. I shook my head side to side. He let out a sigh."Rosie Lockett lay down and go to sleep," he commanded. I let out a slight giggle and shook my head."You're really stubborn," he said before pressing his lips against mine. I was complete shock. My brain kicked in and told me to kiss him back and I so happily did so. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He smiled against my lips and wrapped his arms around my waist. A kiss that was slow and sweet quickly turned into a rough and lustful kiss. I straddled his sides and pushed him against the wall deepening the kiss. He pulled away."Do you like me," I nodded."Do you love me," he asked."Why do you ask a question when you already know the answer to," I whispered in his ear. My lips brushing against it."So that's a yes," he asked. I rolled my eyes and nodded."Now got to sleep," he commanded once again."Fine," I lied my headed on his chest and fell asleep to the gentle sound of his heart beat.

"Wake up,love," my eyes fluttered open. I yawned. I looked up and smiled at Niall. I got up and saw Zayn looked a little sad. I kind of smiled on the inside because of what he did to me. But in reality it was Zayn I wanted to kiss me and hold me. I liked Niall ,but when we kissed I didn't feel that spark I had felt with Zayn. I snapped out of my train of thought when Louis asked me,"How did your night go." He waggled his eyebrows in a suggestive manner. I playfully pushed him."You,sir,have a dirty mind," he chuckled at my comment."Well lets get moving," Liam clapped his hands walking a head. We followed suit. I being the ass I am did the exact thing he did. He turned around and playfully glared at me. We walked for what seemed like ages until reaching the top of the hospital. It was bear except a little shed and a heli pad.Then what sounded like a voice from the shed. We raced to it. As we got closer. It was crying. Loud moaning and crying. I walked to it and looked at the door knob. I got a bad feeling about this."Guys I don't think we should go in," they looked at me weirdly."Somebody's in there," Niall went and opened the door. There was a figure hunched over with its face in it's hands. It's nails were adnormally long. I shined a light on it wanting to see what it was."Hello," Niall said but it sounded more a question. The thing looked up. It was NOT human. It's skin was so white and dirty. Her eyes glowed red. Her stringy dirty white hair hung in front of her face. And her nails weren't nails they were blood from her last victim. It slowly started moving. Niall started backing up pulling me with him. The thing was now on its feet charging after us. Then I remembered what my mom told me. We all stood there ready to fight. We started hitting it and shooting it. It didn't phase it at all. It ran towards Niall."No,"  Annie shouted getting in front of Niall. The thing just pounce on Annie knocking her to the ground. It started digging its claws into her. I shoved the thing off pissing it off even more. It pounced on me. So fast I didn't have time to react. Its claws dug into my shirt into my skin. I screamed and struggled to get it off.

It was knocked off me by Zayn who was looked ticked off. Blood was everywhere. Zayn started shooting it until its body hit the floor. Blood was pouring down my shirt. Annie was on her feet. She only had small cuts on her but I could feel more on myself. I tried to get up but I felt so weak."We need to help her,go and see if there is anything in the shed." Zayn and Liam nodded before going in there. Everybody was kneeling down beside."We're going to have to take her shirt off," they started to remove my shirt slowly careful not to hurt me any more than I was already was."Guys move her into here," I heard Zayn shout. Niall picked me up. He started cursing under his breathe about how none of this shouldn't have happened."Niall I'm okay,I really am," I said placing my hand on his cheek. Once we got in the shed. There was a couch pushed to the wall. A table with a communication radio was pushed to another wall. To the back was a door that probably led to a closet. Niall laid me down on the couch."We can stay here until the helicopter shows up in about 10 minutes," Zayn pointed out."So we're getting out of this hell hole," I question failing to sit up. They nodded."Now we need to get you bandaged up," Liam said taking out gauze."Since Lou's mom is a nurse I trust him most with this," I said before Liam bent down."You actually trust me," Louis tried being surprised. I rolled my eyes at him. He took the white cloth and bent down. He started wrapping the linen cloth around my torso."I'm sorry,Love,but your going to take your bra off," He smirked."I'm so going to kill you after this," I tried to reach back and unclasp the bra clasp. But failed. Louis smirked up towards Niall."Looks like this job is yours," Niall's cheeks flushed bright red as so did mine. Louis handed him the gauze and everybody turned around. Niall got on his knees."I always knew I could bring a guy to his knees but not like this," I joked which got chuckles and giggles. Niall reached under me were his fingers fumbled with the clasp. He got it unclasped and took my bra. He lied it beside him and finished wrapping the gauze around my chest."Done," he got up and everybody turned around. The guys playfully whistled at me while Annie rolled her eyes at them."Aye,back off she's mine," Niall snapped wrapping his arms around me. Suddenly we heard the wings of a helicopter. I smiled. We got up about to go out. When we saw pass by. We ran out."Wait," we yelled waving our hands in the air. 

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