The Zombie Apocalyspe

Rosie Lockett was a regular teenager until some dead people decide to come back and eat them. She is on the run with her little sister,Annie. But what happens when she runs into a certain boyband who is also running for their lives. Will she have to move on,or will she run with them. Will they be enemies or will they fall in love. Will old lovers reunite or be torn a part once again.


8. Safe and Sound

Annie's POV

"Damn it," Rosie mumbled. She was pretty upset about the helicopter. I'm guessing all of us were. We were now sitting in the little shed."So what do we do know," Louis asked."I was thinking we could use the radio and see if it worked," Liam was sitting in front of the radio fiddling with it. In no time we talking to man in the helicopter. He apologized and swung around to come back for us."Thank you," Liam said."Before you go be prepared to fight many Zombies," after that the line was cut off. We all grabbed our weapons. Niall took Rosie's crowbar out of her hands."No was your fighting in that condition," Rosie gave Niall her stubborn look."I am fighting," she grabbed her weapon."I agree with Niall your hurt bad enough you should just let one of protect you," Zayn agreed. Rosie nodded no doubt thinking how she would still help. She was stubborn like that. Then there was groaning. Niall got in front of Rosie. I aimed my pistol towards the door. Zombies were pounding on the door. Soon we were fighting for lives.  Instantly there was the sound of helicopter wings. We pushed through the wave of zombies. We to the helicopter. We got in."Hold on," the pilot said as we lifted up in the sky.

About an hour later we all were asleep. I woke up and saw Rosie safely sleeping in Niall arms,Zayn was in his corner,Liam had his head resting on the back of the seat,and Harry had his arms wrapped around my waist with his head on rested on Louis' shoulder while Louis had his head laid on the back of his seat snoring. Pilot was driving away from the horror we had to face. Memories raced through my mind. There was a question still stuck in my mind since I saw the boys. What was One Direction doing in the little I called home. It was just one plain boring town in Texas. Nothing special compared to the bugger cities like Houston or Austin or Dallas. But all I new I was Safe and Sound.

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