The Zombie Apocalyspe

Rosie Lockett was a regular teenager until some dead people decide to come back and eat them. She is on the run with her little sister,Annie. But what happens when she runs into a certain boyband who is also running for their lives. Will she have to move on,or will she run with them. Will they be enemies or will they fall in love. Will old lovers reunite or be torn a part once again.


6. Questions to Answers to Questions

Rosie's POV

Once we climbed the ladder into Mercy Hospital. We were in a bathroom. Blood was every where. On the floor,sinks,the stalls,toilets, and the walls."Wow,I have heavy periods,but,damn,not like this," I joked. We walked out. I looked down the hall and saw an elevator. I motioned them to follow me. We walked to the elevator. I pressed the up button. Then there sound of footsteps. Loud foot steps. There were zombie coming from every which way. Suddenly the door opened. I was pulled into the elevator by strong arms."Thanks," I mumbled. I saw that it was Zayn. I still had feelings for him but what he did to me crushed me. He was the only one I trusted along with Annie. And I knew for a fact he didn't have feelings for me. Which crushed me even more. I looked at Annie who was clearly flirting with Harry. I didn't mind that. The part I did mind was the fact she could have a wrapped around her finger in no time. Then I saw Louis looking at me. As soon as I noticed he looked away. Did he like me. I'm not the to jump to conclusions. We hadn't really talked much. I had really been focused on Zayn since the little fight in the sewer. The elevator came to a halt. The doors opened and there was a load of zombies waltzing around as if we weren't there. But as soon as Niall put his foot past the safety of the elevator doors they looked at us. They came running towards us. We all fought. Then there was stomping. Loud stomping coming from a distance. My eyes widen. This was any zombie this was a zombie that we could never kill. I gulped as it turned around the corner.of the hallway. It was about 7ft  and muscular. Not just regular muscular. The kind that looks like it had been on steriods and working out it's entire life muscular. It came bolting straight towards us. And at that very moment I knew we were dead.

I fought dodging every attacks. It felt as if I were the wind. Gracefully moving but fast as bullet. The zombie fell to it's knees and fell over."How," their mouths hung open."We didn't even see you," Liam stated in awe. I furrowed my eyebrows."I wasn't really going that fast,was I," I questioned my self."This isn't right,you coming back from the dead and being able to move faster than sound itself. Then from behind them a faint outline of a silhouette. I squinted at it. Then it was a woman. Now everybody were standing beside me in awe. I now declare I am dreaming."No,you aren't dreaming," the woman said as if she were reading my mind. Then it hit. Tears were brought to my eyes."Mom," that one simple word made her smile. Annie smiled ,too."Don't cry sweetie," my mom came towards and hugged me. I hugged her back crying. Annie came and joined the hug."I've missed you so much," I tried to say something but I chocked on my tears."Shhh," my mom wiped my tears."I don't have long but I need to tell you something," she said smiling down at us."What is it," I asked my sobs calming away."You 2 girls,Rosie and Annie, have special powers,you,Annie, have the power to heal anyone or one,Rosie, you wield the power of air," she said."What does that mean," she kissed me forehead. I know I shouldn't be confused but what in the world could I do."i must go now," she kissed Annie's forehead. She backed away but before she walked away she whispered."The one with blue eyes and blonde hair is cute." 'Mom," I complained. She laughed."You boys take care of my girls," she disappeared.


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