welcome to my life

this is a story about my life my friends my family just me


3. wrong choices

in grade 8 i had changed from the good girl to the girl who wagged school with her trouble maker boyfriend well one day we were going to wag but instead i chose to go to class my boyfriend didnt like this idea and his friend and him pushed me into a gate where they started feeling me up i was mute didnt make a sound, but when they finished i decided to go to class i couldn't focus and ran out of class in tears the teacher followed me and asked what was wrong i told her but she didnt believe me and she thought it would be funny to bring him into the same class as me and i screamed and ran out and when i ran out my hip slipped and i ended up in hospital on traction for 3 months when i returned to school i was the joke, the girl who just 'wagged' 3 moths of school it hurt and at this time i turned back to self harm and suicide attempts.


then in grade 9 i dated a guy called wes he was sweet and innocent or so i thought but we went on a date to the cinemas and he fingered me

2 weeks latr i was over his house and he tried to strip me i said no and slapped him the next day he called me and said that we dont see eachother enough and he had been seeing 3 other girls one in which was my best friend then he told me it was over i was shattered 

3 months later i started dating tyson the sweetest guy ever but my friend breanna decided she would stay over his house have sex with him then call me up and tell me all about it i was shattered but i forgave breanna big mistake 3 months later she started saying she was pregnant to tyson and i would be the aunt/god mother i broke down and then grade 10 came and i started dating josh anothr relationship fucked by breanna she got in his head got him to dump me then got her friends to hold me in place while she made out with josh.

then came andrew a sweet guy with a sweet family and he was amazing but for some reason it didnt work out although me and andy are still friends and i am still friends with his family and pretty much apart of the family then came santa i didnt date him i decided i would date kieran instead.

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