welcome to my life

this is a story about my life my friends my family just me


4. keelan

my best friend keelan the most amazing guy you will ever meet he left cairns to go to brisbane to study music it broke me but im slowly getting over it he still sings to me all the time and im really proud of him, i get to talk to him when ever possible.

well tonight 19/04 at about 11 his ex called me because she is my friend and she asked me to ask him to sing little things by one direction as he was singing issie tried to claim the song as hers and well i lost it because it was the song keelan sang to me when he first told me he liked me and then she started naming all our other songs and i lost it i couldnt stand her trying to claim the songs that are mine but i forgot about it and just had a convo with keelan see issie still likes keelan but she is dating kaj and i am over seeing keelan hurt because i love him to bits.

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