welcome to my life

this is a story about my life my friends my family just me


2. bullying

i was bullied since the age of 5, i was always the nice girl who always did what she was told and well i guess not many people liked it. at the age of 6 a girl named alison stephen threw a brick at my head and then i started jumping off roofs i was later diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and perthes.


i attended watson road state school where i got kicked out for being to smart they payed for me to go to a private school but the bullying got worst i wasn't allowed to do sport like the other kids and my writing was messy. the way i got through all this was my family and my big sisters best friend ainsleigh she was like a second sister to me, anyway so i started to like a guy named reece and i thought he liked me until he knocked me to the ground well after that i decided to go back to watson road because privvate school was hell. 

anyway i went back to watson road in 2006  and stayed there for another three years until my dad got pneumonia so bad that he could of died so in 2009 my family, ainsleigh and i moved to cairns where my father would be able to live. 

i started at Isabella state school and made some good friends but then in 2010 i had a guy named daimon like me i told him i didnt like him and started dating jack, daimon didnt exactly like that and he started bashing the shit out of me at this time i was grade 7 and all hell was lose at lunch i would lock myself in the toilet and i would stay there till the end of school i would then quickly walk to my car and cry i had bruises all over me everyday and i couldnt stand it i got depression then the disco came and daimon asked m to go with him i said yes because i was over being bashed but it didnt stop at the disco he just kept hitting me and i went home with bruises from my head to my feet.

it was the last week of grade 7 and i had enough of daimon so i wore 6 inch spiked heels to school and kicked him in the balls the teachers didnt care i then went home and started getting ready for the next year, i changed everything about me and finally i began to fit in but i had lost sight of me and i was covered in scars. 

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