mr. and mrs. styles ;)

cuss's sexual content & stuff :):D ENJOY!!!


2. The First Date!

*Ding Dong* "Coming!" i shout! (im wearing a short black sparkly dress,with black pumps) i open the door to see harry dressed in a black tuxedo and a little red bow tie, and in his hands a beautiful bouquet  of roses . he hands me the roses and kisses me softly on the lips, i blush. harry breaks the kiss and says "oh well we better get going" i reply "where are we going?" he says "To The Movies"     "Cool". we get in his black mustang, and speed down the street, about ten minutes later we arrive at the movie theater. we get in the movie we didn't even watch the movie, we were kissing the whole time.We got to my house around 10:30 pm, right when we got in the door harry pinned me against the wall and started making out with me, our tounges were wrestling in our mouths. Just then he starts to slowly pull my dress off revealing my black and red Lacey bra, and thong and scars on my wrists. he picks me up still not breaking our kiss, he carries me all the way to my bedroom where he sees my one direction posters, i was embarrassed . he said"wow your a fan?" "yes" i shyly replied "well then this must be special for you?" "yess! very, harry" "well before i continue, will you be my girlfriend?" "omg yess" "okay my lady let us continue". he then pulled his shirt off threw it  across the room, he slowly slid his jeans down i could see his boner in his boxers. He walked over to me he touched my wet center, he started to rub it making me moan out of nowhere he started rubbing it so fast i was moaning like crazy.Then he slowly pulled my panties off, then he stuck his tounge in my center i moaned again, then he pulled his boxers off, he layed me down on the bed and started making out with me, the he stuck it in out of no where, i moaned, he moaned, "uh harry i- im al- almost there" "ugh just hold on babe" out of know where he came inside me, then i released mine. We were sotired, welayed down, i layed my head down on his warm, hard chest, suddenly we were fast asleep.


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