mr. and mrs. styles ;)

cuss's sexual content & stuff :):D ENJOY!!!


1. harry?

im scarlet (people call me scar). im 18 i have short curly black hair with purple ends,im quite tall, i have big blue eyes, and not the most popular girl in school, ENJOY!
*shower running* me singing "would he say he's in L-O-V-E, well if it was me then i would i would"  when suddenly i hear a knock on the door i yell "hold on". i hear a cute british accent say "okay!". im confused?i dont know any british boys. i quickly throw on a towel and run to the door, and open it.then i see a cute brown haired tall light eyed boy. wait wait its harry styles omg! "Oh my gosh are you harry styles?" "yes may i use your phone?""ofcourse, come in" "thanks, and thanks for the beautiful view" he winks at me. i blush, and hand him my cell phone, he grabs it and calls someoe. hes on the phone for about ten minutes, he hangs up then starts typing something? he hands me it and omg his number is in my phone! he then kisses my cheek and walks towards the door, but turns around and mouths call me. *12:01 am* "yawn" i start heading to my room, i jump into my bed and fall right asleep. *Beep* *Beep* I wake up around 10:30, about an hour later i call harry, he answers "Hello" "hey harry, its scarlet" "oh hey beautiful" "wanna go out on a date?" "wow your fast lol of course harry" "il be there in twinty minutes, babe" "okay bye" "bye". scarlets p.o.v

omg im about to go on a date with one of the biggest celebrities in the world, im so exited. i wonder what he's planning for us to do? i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry's P.O.V

im going on a date with the most beautiful girl ive ever seen, scarlet even her name is beautiful :) .

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