mr. and mrs. styles ;)

cuss's sexual content & stuff :):D ENJOY!!!


4. 4 years later :)

"Uncle Liam" darcy yelled "what sweety?" liam replied "joey hit me " "joey thats not nice""yeah joey mean" "hey darcy, dont say that your being mean" "im sorry uncle liam" "its okay darcy" "joey wanna play hide and seek?" "yeah" they run off into the other room. harry said "oh liam your sons so cute, how old is he now 3 or 4?" "he's 3, and darcy is adorable too" i say "so louis hows  sarah?" "shes great really growing up" "aw thats nice, what about you niall, hows stevie?" "hes great i cant belive he's 5 already though!" "wow he's really grown up, and zayn hows  katie?" "shes great shes 2 now im so exited her birthdays tomorrow " "aww tell her happy birthday from us" "i will" Liam said "its getting late me and joey gotta get to bed night everyone" "we gotta go to bye" "bye everyone" "bye scarlet & harry" "bye bye" darcy shouted . THE END BYE

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